What we do

Ingwe Shipping provides a fully managed warehouse solution for clients who require a managed storage solution without the costs of running their own warehouse.

We specialize in the management and warehousing of bulk goods. We load and unload containers, bulk bags and loose concentrates. You can store your containers or goods at our warehouse at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors.

We then assist you in delivering the same goods to their final destination using effective stock management solution and a variety of services to meet your requirements.

Whether you require long or short term storage or a fully managed warehouse and distribution solution, we always provide the best quality of service and support at very competitive prices.

Ingwe Shipping takes the effort to understand our customers business and therefor provides a a fast turnaround to support your business. We ensuring our clients have absolute peace of mind when leaving their products in our hands. By continually growing, investing and paying close attention to our customers, we have maintained an excellent reputation for service and support. That has been the foundation of our growth.